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SAMple promo reel


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Videos are becoming more and more popular every day in all aspects of media. The capabilities of today's smartphones make it easy for people to simply turn on their cameras and make videos they truly believe are good enough to convey a message. I once heard someone refer to a poorly produced video as a "minimum viable product" to justify its terrible production value. What that person didn't realize was that the video was doing his company more harm than good. 

The reality is that the vast majority of DIY videos are junk. Sure, you can produce a video with the touch of a button, but just like people who think selfie photos make for good headshots, there is a wide range of knowledge that is required to produce a video that people will actually want to view. From pre-planning to good lighting to great sound, the fact is that most people simply don't have the capability or equipment to make great-looking and great-sounding videos -Nor do they have the time or desire to learn the craft. That's why you need a professional!

SAMple real estate video

  • All video shot with professional Canon cameras and lenses
  • High-resolution 1080p and 4K capabilities
  • Aerial video and photography shot with  DJI Drone
  • Professional Shure and Rode microphones for great sound quality
  • Professional editing software
  • Licensed background music