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​​​​As a general rule, I like to crop my photos so that I cut off the top of people's heads because let's face cares about the top of your head, plus, it makes for an interesting-looking photograph. You may come directly to my home studio or I can come to you; my setup is completely mobile. ​​

Headshot and portrait session information

Headshots are just what they sound like: photos from the chest up.  Although you may choose any color background, I primarily shoot indoors with gray or white backgrounds because both work well with most people's skin tones and wardrobe choices. They're also not distracting when used in professional profiles such as LinkedIn. ​​

You may also choose to do an environmental picture with any background of your choice indoors or outdoors. There is nothing like natural light for a great photo and you may be surprised that some of the most mundane settings often make for interesting backgrounds. The background for this headshot was a construction fence along the river walk in downtown Chicago:​​




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