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The first thing your prospective clients typically see are the images that represent you, your company, and your brand. Because you offer best-in-class services, the images associated with you should also reflect that same level of quality. Essential Image goes beyond merely clicking a shutter - the quality of our services must, by extension, be the best. My goal is to provide you with visually appealing and brand-aligned corporate headshots.

When I started my work as an image consultant, one of the first things that became readily obvious, was that just about every client needed a new profile photo. That's when I decided to learn everything I possibly can about photography and video. Best of all, I found out that I have the talent for this type of art and that photographing the essence of a person is incredibly fulfilling. Headshot photography is the exclusively the only type of photography that I do. Whether you're a real estate agent, an executive, or a recent college graduate, the fact is that you need a fantastic headshot to use in all of your social media and in your personal or professional marketing materials. 

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